Frequently Asked Questions

Who is this toolkit designed for?

The Farmer Toolkit is designed to provide resources for farmers interested in transitioning from animal agriculture to plant-focused operations. Our resources are tailored to farmers exiting the contract growing system. Some tools and resources are useful for beginning farmers or farmers transitioning from other enterprises.

If you’re interested in receiving help with your transition through one of our programs, contact one of our partner organizations.

How can I transition my farm?

The Farmer Toolkit provides tools and educational resources for creating a farm transition plan. We recommend that you start with our map page to explore crop information for your state, and then check out the funding sources page to learn about financial assistance that may be available.

If you’d like tailored support, please consider joining one of our transition programs.

What crops can I transition to?

We are excited to support farmers in transitioning to the crops of their choice, with the exception of animal feed. So far we’ve helped farmers transition to hemp and mushroom production, but we are expanding the crops and crop consultants we work with.

Can you connect me to farmers who have gone through the process?

Please reach out to us through our contact page. Tell us which kind of farm transition you want to learn more about, and we’ll do our best to connect you to a farmer with specialized experience.

What happens to waste-management operations on my current farm?

You’ll want to create a plan for managing your farm’s animal waste before you transition. You may be responsible for certain remediation efforts once you are no longer under contract with an integrator. You may also need to reconsider existing contracts for waste disposal. We suggest that you contact your local extension office for their recommendations on waste management.

What happens to my contract if I begin to transition?

Farm transitions are intended to provide pathways for farmers to permanently exit the contract livestock, poultry, or dairy system. But you can begin transitioning your farm before ending your current contract. Many farmers explore plant-focused ventures or other options while still operating under contract with their integrators or processors. We recommend that you assess your specific contract with a legal professional before finalizing your transition plans.

What resources do you have for transitioning my farm?

The Farmer Toolkit contains information about the nuts and bolts of a farm transition, including an overview of funding and financing sources, guides to growing certain crops, and guidance on marketing a crop.

If you choose to enroll in a farm transition program, you will have access to crop profiles, how-to guides for converting animal-farm infrastructure for plant production, enterprise budgets, webinars, and more.

Where can I see examples of farms that have transitioned?

You can read stories of successful farm transitions here.

Do you offer financial assistance?

While we do not provide direct financial assistance for farm transitions, our funding sources page offers a robust list of available funding options.

Have more questions?

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